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Tour the Grounds

It's a great place to wander and wonder...

Each vantage point provides a unique perspective to you and sometimes to squirrels, bats, foxes and rabbits who appear then disappear when you spot them. Honestly, it's their space, we just live here.



Rear Lower Garden

Charles E. Hall liked to entertain and enthrall guests outside.

He set this garden space like a formal park complete with stone steps from one level to another and a semicircular stage to view it all from.  We've  heard stories of a reflecting pond that once stood here but for us that just doesn't hold water, as we feel it's best used for wine tastings and our annual Cinema Under The Stars event.


Private Rear Patio

When you just need to get away from it all...but not to know, in case your phone rings. 

Large enough for a team happy hour, small enough for an outdoor dinner party.



Rear Deck

A recent update in 2016, a large deck space directly off the back of the house.  At nearly 800 sq. ft.  it seemed like we were installing a helipad, however once completed, it feels like it's always been there.  It 's much like walking across a stage so feel free to pontificate as you promenade stage left. 
(Best sunset and bird/bat watching perch)

All Over

MagicHouse Brickwork

Why mention brickwork?   Well,  at the MH it is akin to the 5th Beatle everyone talks about and a main character in the MH story.  The near random 'drunken master'  technique is something that nearly every visitor ends up staring at and makes a reference to so it seemed wrong to leave it out.
(We dare you not to stare)

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