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Old Home reclaimed

Back in the Day...

A young King & Queen bought an old, run down castle and had worked very hard getting it back to it's former glory...


When it was in pretty good working shape, the local minister happened to stop by for a call.  He congratulated the young king on the result of his labor, remarking that it was wonderful what God and man could do when working together. 
"Aye", allowed the king, "perhaps it is.  But you should have seen this place when God was running it it alone."

 Interpreted from Stephen Greene Press, 1971

There is a lot of history in the MagicHouse, far too much to convey over a computer consider a visit and make some of your own.

MH Amenities
  • Ability to feel like you're staying far, far away while still being in town

  • High-speed wi-fi and internet access

  • Business services  - (Laser Printer and whiteboarding)

  • Big Screen Presentation/Theatre set-up (Indoor & Outdoor)

  • Chance to be treated like royalty by royalty* 
    * Yes we are taking some serious liberties here.

  • Free Off-street Parking

  • Multiple workstation areas

  • Laundry facilities

  • Built-in Iron & ironing board station

  • Tea & Coffee Station
    (as long as you don't mind going to the kitchen yourself)


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